Revaayat Sahri Breakfast Basket


The Sahoor basket is a collection of energy-boosting products designed for individuals observing the Ramadan fast. It includes a variety of items such as dates, granola pouches, honey, pancake mix, and other similar items. These products are carefully selected to provide essential nutrients and energy to help individuals maintain their fast throughout the day. The basket is a convenient and practical way to ensure that individuals have access to healthy and nourishing food during the pre-dawn meal. Overall, the Sahoor basket is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain their energy levels during Ramadan.

This basket contains:

  • Shalimar teal box with 4 delicious nut-filled dates and 4 juicy chocolate-coated dates
  • Jar of chocolate biscotti (100gms), which is perfect for dipping in a cup of tea or coffee
  • Honey-roasted granola pouch (120gms) is an excellent source of carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and healthy fats, making it an ideal snack for Sahoor
  • A pouch of scrumptious Date and Zeera cookies (150 gms) can be enjoyed with a cup of tea
  • Jar of pancake mix is ideal for you to enjoy cafe-style pancakes within minutes for Sahoor
  • Jar of Cinnamon Honey (150gms) is a great way to add flavor and nutrition to dishes. It is also a healthy and delicious way to sweeten tea or coffee during Sahoor
  • Peacock mug for you to enjoy your tea or coffee
  • Complimentary Ramzan Mubarak greeting card
  • Keepsake cane basket that can be used to store anything later

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